Father and 6 Year old Daughter Show up in Australia After Month at Sea

A New Zealand man and his six-year old daughter missing at sea for more than a month have landed in Australia after sailing their small, damaged yacht across the treacherous 2,000 km (1,241.7 miles) Tasman Sea.

The damaged yacht of a New Zealand man and his six-year old daughter, who were missing at sea


Pakistan Fires Its First Nuclear Submarine Missile

Pakistan fired its first submarine-launched cruise missile on Monday, the military said, a show of force for a country that sees its missile development as a deterrent against arch-foe India.

The launch of the nuclear-capable Babur-3 missile, which has a range of 450 km (280 miles) and was fired from an undisclosed location


Obama has deployed US special forces troops along Lithuania’s border with “aggressive” Russia

Russia is reportedly deploying nuke-ready missiles in the province of Kaliningrad which borders Lithuania

PRESIDENT Obama has deployed US special forces troops along Lithuania’s border with “aggressive” Russia.

Tensions between Washington and the Kremlin have reached Cold War levels amid reports Vladimir Putin is deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province


It Was Not Plastic Rice…..


Last week, Nigerian officials seized over 100 bags of what was claimed to be plastic rice. Lab tests have since shown the product isn’t fake, as Gizmodo and other outlets reported.

The “plastic rice” looks very realistic

But it is badly contaminated rice that’s unsafe for


Trump: U.S. Reachable N. Korean Nuke Won’t Happen

President-elect Donald Trump has made a bold bet on North Korea, saying the secretive country won’t test an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the United States.

In his New Year address, North Korea’s volatile leader Kim Jong Un said the country was close to doing just that. “It won’t happen,” Trump


2 Turkish Soldiers Burned Alive by ISIS


The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) allegedly burned alive two Turkish soldiers who it took hostage three weeks ago in the al-Bab region of northern Syria.

At the end of the 19-minute video, an ISIL member threatened Turkey and said to withdraw its troops from the region.

Solhaber has identified the


Girls Abducted to Satisfy Debt

The girl called Jeevti was just 14 when she taken from her family in the night to be married off to a man who says her family owed him $1,000.

Her mother, Ameri Kashi Kohli, is sure that her daughter paid the price for a never-ending debt.

Ameri says she and her husband borrowed


Super-volcano Showing Signs of Re-Awakening After 500yrs


A 12-km wide cauldron that forms a vast supervolcano on the coast of Italy is showing signs of reawakening after almost 500 years of inactivity.

It’s dangerously close to hitting a critical pressure point.

Not only is this site rumoured to be responsible for the extinction of the Neanderthals, it’s got 500,000 people


Plastic Rice Confiscated in Nigeria


Nigeria has confiscated 2.5 tonnes of “plastic rice” smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen, the customs service says.

The “plastic rice” looks very realistic

Lagos customs chief Haruna Mamudu said the fake rice was intended to be sold in markets during the festive season.

He said the rice was very sticky after it


Obama Legacy, Leaving Indefinite Military Detention Intact


President Barack Obama’s administration will come to an end next month, but the administration will pass on a legal regime that enables President-elect Donald Trump to indefinitely hold alleged terrorism suspects in military detention away from any battlefield.

The administration embraced the concept of “preventive detention,” and in 2012, the authority for indefinite


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