Bumble Bee Now Officially Endangered

The rusty patched bumble bee, a prized but vanishing pollinator once familiar to much of North America, was listed on Tuesday as an endangered species, becoming the first wild bee in the continental United States to gain such federal protection.

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One of several species facing sharp declines,


Vampire Bats Started Feeding on Humans

The bats have switched to humans after a drop in availability of their usual prey, birds

A bat caught in a net will be analysed for research. A species of vampire bats in Brazil has been found to be feeding on humans

Wild vampire bats have been found feeding on humans in Brazil


It Was Not Plastic Rice…..


Last week, Nigerian officials seized over 100 bags of what was claimed to be plastic rice. Lab tests have since shown the product isn’t fake, as Gizmodo and other outlets reported.

The “plastic rice” looks very realistic

But it is badly contaminated rice that’s unsafe for


Super-volcano Showing Signs of Re-Awakening After 500yrs


A 12-km wide cauldron that forms a vast supervolcano on the coast of Italy is showing signs of reawakening after almost 500 years of inactivity.

It’s dangerously close to hitting a critical pressure point.

Not only is this site rumoured to be responsible for the extinction of the Neanderthals, it’s got 500,000 people


Bacteria Resistant to “Last Resort” Antibiotics Found


Bacteria carrying a gene that grants resistance against a powerful antibiotic have been found on a pig farm in the United States, researchers reported this week in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Escherichia coli is a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family of bacteria and is found in the


Small Fish Have “Magically” Adapted to the Most Severely Polluted Waters on the East Coast!

elizabeth river

Virginia’s Elizabeth River is a toxic cocktail of industrial pollutants: PCBs, which cause skin ailments and birth defect; PAHs, which have been linked to cancer; dangerous heavy metals like arsenic and lead; smoky-smelling creosote.

Fundulus heteroclitus, the Atlantic killifish, have adapted to some of the most severely contaminated waters on the


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