$1.7 Million to Catch ONE Drug User

Backwards Land, also known as the United States of America, hosts many states that have implemented arguably counterproductive mandatory drug testing policies that violate personal rights and constitutional liberty.

Additionally, such programs are, arguably, a total waste of money. Those suffering from scrutiny regarding what they choose to


Proposed Ban on Body Armor

A new piece of legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives, H. R. 378, labeled the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, which if enacted would deprive law abiding citizens of another means of self defense.

The legislation, forwarded by Rep. Mike Honda, would ban citizens from ownership of enhanced


U.S. Starts Requiring Foreign Travelers Disclose Social Media Accounts

The US Customs and Border Protection has started demanding that foreign travelers hand over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media account information upon entering the country, according to a report from Politico.

The new policy follows a proposal laid out back in June and applies only to those travelers who enter


Doctors in Denmark want to stop circumcision for Minors


Boys should not be circumcised until they are old enough to choose for themselves, doctors in Denmark have said.

The circumcision ceremony of a baby at an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Berlin, Germany. In 2013, a Cologne court sparked outrage among the country’s Jewish and Muslim population by questioning the legality


“Heartbeat” Abortion Bill Passed in Ohio

Donald Trump’s election, and a presumption that he’ll appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, spurred Ohio Republicans to pass what would effectively be the nation’s strictest time-based abortion law, a legislator said.

Ohio lawmakers on Tuesday passed a controversial “Heartbeat Bill” that would ban abortions in that state from the moment the heartbeat of


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