China’s “Hack Proof” Quantum Communications Satellite

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The world’s first quantum communication satellite is now officially operational following months of in-orbit testing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced, saying that performance of the device is “much better” than was initially expected.

The 600+kg Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), nicknamed Micius after the ancient Chinese philosopher and


IDF Soldiers Compromised by Hamas Social Engineering Attack

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The IDF has uncovered a Hamas network that posed as women on social networks luring in IDF soldiers and accessing sensitive army information and intelligence.

idf soldiers

Following reports by several soldiers of suspicious online activities, a joint IDF and Shin Bet operation was opened. Lasting several months, “Operation Hunter’s Network” identified dozens of


Russia Develops First Rail-Gun

A team of Russian scientists has successfully tested the country’s first railgun, which relies on electromagnetic forces rather than explosives or propellant.

According to experts at the Institute of High Temperatures’ branch in Shatura, just outside Moscow, the railgun can fire shells at an incredibly fast speed of 3 kilometers per second, which


Israels “Flying Car” Nears Deployment

After 15 years of development, an Israeli tech firm is optimistic it will finally get its 1,500 kg (1.5 tonne) passenger carrying drone off the ground and into the market by 2020.

The Cormorant, billed as a flying car, is capable of transporting 500kg (around half a tonne) of weight and travelling at 185 km


What Happens if you Feed Silkworms “Graphene”


The carbon-enhanced silk conducts electricity, is twice as tough as regular silk, and can withstand at least 50 percent higher stress before breaking. This smart textile could have applications in medicine, athletics, wearable electronics…the possibilities are endless.


Worm Superfood

Silk is a naturally sourced fiber popular in textile applications not just for


20 Ways Drones Poised to Change Your Life (Info-Graphic)

Drones are all the buzz at the present being quite ubiquitous in many locations. A drone basically refers to a flying robot that is technically referred to as a UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle.

It is usually controlled remotely or you could choose to program it to follow certain flight plans. They have simplified the


Cuba Getting Google Servers Installed

Google and the Cuban government have signed a deal allowing the internet giant to provide faster access to its data by installing servers on the island that will store much of the company’s most popular content.

Storing Google data in Cuba eliminates the long distances that signals must travel from the island through Venezuela


Japan Testing Method to “Slow Down” Space Junk

Japan has launched a cargo ship which will use a half mile- (700m)-long tether to remove some of the vast amount of debris from Earth’s orbit.

More than 5,000 space missions have left Earth’s orbit increasingly congested

The tether, made of aluminium strands and steel wire, is designed to slow the debris, pulling it


Mars One Mission Delayed 5yrs

space money

The company said it needs more money…Anyone Surprised?

Yes, Space Travel is Costly!!

If you’re dreaming of the day you’ll get to live on Mars, you may have a bit longer to wait.

Mars One announced on Wednesday its project to start a human colony on the Red Planet will be delayed


No Stopping it: Millions of Jobs Destined to be Wiped out by Machines

robot worker

There is a paradigm shift coming and it is about to rewrite everything we know about economics, human labor, and government dependence.

It is simply a matter of time, when they become “Good Enough” and “Cheap Enough” that will be it!

Earlier this week Amazon launched its first Amazon Go


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