Iran Endangers Citizens by Freaking out and Firing on Small Civilian Drone

Iran’s Anti-Aircraft Fire Shots at Small Drone in Central Tehran

Anti-aircraft forces firing shots at the camera drone that trespassed on Tehran’s no-fly zone

Iran’s anti-aircraft forces have reportedly shooed away a small non-military drone which had trespassed on the no-fly zone in central Tehran.

The Deputy Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Airbase told state TV that the aircraft was an ultralight camera drone that illegally entered the no-fly zone, but was targeted by anti-aircraft forces.

Jet fighters reportedly patrolling Tehran's sky after the drone was shooed away
Jet fighters reportedly patrolling Tehran’s sky after the drone was shooed away

“The aircraft immediately got out of the zone,” the security official noted, adding that the shooting was then stopped to ensure the citizens’ safety.

An informed source also told ILNA that the drone had moved away to eastern Tehran following the shots fired by anti-aircraft forces in central parts of the city.

It was later reported that jet fighters patrolled the capital city’s sky after the drone was shooed away.

Via: ifpnews

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