Remember that Veterinarian Lion Killer…Karma Got Him

A vet who became notorious online after posting a series of photos online of his trophy kills, including a lion, has died after he slipped on ice and plunged 100ft to his death on a hunt.

Luciano Ponzetto

Luciano Ponzetto, He was known for posting controversial images of his kills to Instagram (Picture: Instagram)

Luciano Ponzetto, 55, repeatedly received death threats and hate mail after posting snaps that showed him standing next to the lifeless bodies of the great beasts that he had killed.

Ponzetto was killed after he slipped while hunting birds in Turin, falling 100ft into the ravine in Colle delle Oche, Italy.

Confirming his death, an Italian police spokesperson told The Sun: ‘We were called by the mountain rescue services who had been alerted to the incident by someone who was out with him.

‘His body was recovered by helicopter and taken to a local hospital.

‘It looks like he slipped and fell when he was out hunting. He died instantly and there was nothing that could be done.’

Before his death, Ponzetto had previously threatened to take legal action against the people sending him death threats – and repeatedly defended his actions, claiming that being a vet is ‘not incompatible with hunting, either morally or professionally.’

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